Due to the global electrical components supply shortage we are still working to get our power banks in stock.

Please see the Power Bank Dimensions below to ensure the correct fit.

Power Bank Dimensions

There are two styles of power banks that will fit inside TREXA Luggage: sqaure and rounded edge types.

Height: Should have a minimum height starting at 140mm or 5.51 inches to the maximum height of 147mm or 5.78 inches.

Thickness: Both style should be 14mm or 0.55 inches.

Square Type Width: Power banks with sharp edges should have a width of 66mm or 2.59 inches.

Rounded Type Width:. Power banks with rounded edges should have a width of 74mm or 2.91 inches.

TSA Requirements

When traveling aboard planes, a power bank must 100 watt hours (Wh) or less and must be with carry-on luggage only, not checked.

The most up to date TSA and FAA requirements can be found here.

TSA Power Bank Rules

FAA Power Bank Regulations